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Wound Care > Transparent Film Dresssings

Transparent Films are very thin, clear sheets with special adhesive on one side designed to protect the wound. Transparent films won’t stick to moist surfaces (like the wound itself) and provide an effective barrier that protects the wound from bacteria and other unwanted fluids and particles, while still allowing the permeation of oxygen and other gases.

How to apply a Transparent Dressing

To secure the to a I.V insertion site or wound site. Make sure the insertion site or wound area is clean and dry. Remove the dressing from the package. Using aseptic technique, remove the protective seal. Place the dressing directly over the insertion site. Don't cover any tubing or stretch the dressing. Tuck the dressing around and under the cannula hub to bar microorganisms. To remove the dressing, grasp one corner and then lift and stretch it. If removal is difficult, try and loosening the edges with alcohol or watch.

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