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Urinary Leg Bags

A urinary leg bag (urine drainage bag) attached to the leg provides the catheterized patient with greater mobility. Because the bag is hidden under clothing, it may also help him feel more comfortable about catheterization. Leg bags are usually worn during the day and are replaced at night with a standard drainage bag. Most leg bags have a valve in the drainage tube that prevents urine reflux into the bladder. Keep the drainage leg bag lower than his bladder at all times because urine in the bag is a perfect growth medium for bacteria. To prevent a full leg bag from damaging the bladder wall and urethra, you should empty the bag when it's half full or every 3 to 6 hours. The person wearing the leg bag should also inspect the catheter and drainage leg bag tube periodically for compression or kinking, which could obstruct urine flow and result in bladder distention.

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