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Fall Risk and Age

There is a direct correlation between an increase in fall risk and rising age. Studies have shown that 1 in 3 individuals over 65 suffers moderate to severe injuries from preventable falls each year. Many of these falls result in moderate to severe injuries including fractures, breaks, head trauma, and even death. Understanding the risk and developing a prevention plan is the first step toward safe and healthy living.


How significant is the link between fall risk and age?

  • Among adults over the age of 65 falls are the leading cause of serious injury and death
  • Over 20,000 older adults die from preventable falls every year
  • Over 2 million emergency room visits/year are due to falls by older adults
  • Medical costs for treatment of falls per year is nearly 30 billion dollars


How dangerous is the link between fall risk and age?

  • Risk of falling and severity of injury increases with age
  • Nearly 30 percent of falls result in serious injury or death
  • The most often damaged body parts include the hip, spine, and brain


How do I avoid being a statistic of fall risk and age?

  • Be aware of the risk
  • Regularly monitor health, eye sight, and medications
  • Review the fall prevention checklist
  • Perform a home safety assessment
  • Make any adjustments to health and home reasonably possible
  • Seek assistance from care providers, planners, and equipment suppliers


Understanding the correlation between fall risk and age is the first step toward preventing serious injury or fatality. There are resources around the world and in your community to help insure your continued well being. For more information on home safety and fall prevention, or to buy products for your home please feel free to brous our products online or contact a trained representative today at 1-888-687-4334.