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Top 10 Pulse Oximeter Usage Tips

A properly calibrated pulse oximeter can determine pulse and oxygen saturation which are essential to overall health and well being. The following top 10 pulse oximeter usage tips will help to ensure effective use. When interpreting data, please consult with a trained medical professional.


Below are the Top 10 Pulse Oximeter Usage Tips


1) With each usage, make sure to verify that the display is reading correctly and the battery level is sufficient.

2) Thoroughly clean the fingertip and finger probe with an alcohol prep pad to gain the most correct reading.

3) Ensure the finger is completely inserted into the probe before beginning the test.

4) Remain resting shortly before and during the test for more accurate results.

5) Perform multiple tests to verify that the results are accurate.

6) Schedule testing at regular intervals at similar times throughout the day for consistent data.

7) Record results with date and time stamps and keep this data to review with your physician.

8) After each use, turn the unit off (if it does not automatically shut down) to conserve battery life.

9) If any error messages or inconsistent results occur, try changing the batteries and re-testing.

10) If errors persist contact the service center for repair or replacement.      


Vital sign monitoring is a common component of health care. Accurate blood oxygen saturation levels provide information for physicians to diagnose and treat illness. Use the above top 10 pulse oximeter usage tips for the most accurate results. Browse pulse oximeters online, or for assistance call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with a representative today!