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500mL Pressure Infuser Bag with Stopcock Valve and Piston Gauge

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500mL Pressure Infuser Bag with Stopcock Valve and Piston Gauge used for intravenous and intra-arterial infusion treatment. Three-way stopcock ensures precise control of pressure.

A pressure infusion bag is a specially designed cuff and bladder device used to pressurize sterile parenteral fluids (e.g. blood, IV solutions) to provide for rapid infusion into patients suffering from hypovolemia and its complications.

Parenteral fluids are usually packaged in flexible IV bags with a 500cc,1000cc and 3000cc
volume. In order to pressurize them, they are inserted into the cuff of the pressure infusion
device. Then the bladder is inflated to 300 mmHg with a hand pump, similar to that of a blood
pressure cuff apparatus, putting pressure on the contents of the IV bag. The pressure causes
the fluid to be infused more quickly into the patient. In addition, a valve is used to control the
airflow through the bladder, optimizing the pressure on the IV bag by increasing or decreasing
the air inside the bladder.
The two main clinical applications for pressure infusion bags are:
• Rapid infusion of blood, blood products, blood expanders, and IV solutions;
• Invasive pressure monitoring procedures.
The pressure infusion bag was originally designed to decrease the infusion time required to
deliver blood. Gravity-fed blood can take up to an hour for delivery to the patient, while with
the use of the pressure infusion bag the blood can be infused in seconds.
The pressure infusion bag has also become a necessary component of invasive pressure
monitoring procedures. Intra-arterial pressure monitoring and Swan-Ganz catheterization
monitoring both require the use of a pressurized plumbing system to retard the retrograde flow
of blood and to keep the indwelling catheter patent. The infusor is used to pressurize a bag
of heparinized saline to a pressure greater than the patient’s highest systolic blood pressure,
typically 300 mmHg.
The pressurized solution prevents retrograde blood flow into the catheter and plumbing; the
heparin prevents blood clotting on the catheter tip. The system is activated by a flush valve
which regulates the flow of solution into the patient at usually 24 mls/hr. The flush valve also
allows for rapid flushing when needed


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