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1000 Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouch Bags, Clear


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Dynarex Links Pill Crusher Pouches (bags) hold the pills in place as they are ground to a fine powder. Ideal for people who suffer from Dysphagia (trouble swallowing). Helps eliminate cross-contamination and unnecessary cleanup. Can be used with Silent Knight® and Tiger Medical® Crushers (sold separately). Made with a polyethylene material, these pouches feature a reinforced base and are latex free. 1000 per box.

Pill Crusher Pouches Features:

  • Helps eliminate cross-contamination
  • Clear plastic pouches, 2" × 4.5"
  • Heat sealed reinforced base
  • Latex free
  • 1000 per box

What are Pill Crusher Pouches used for?

Pill Crusher Pouches are a latex-free polyethylene pouch that is used with a crusher (sold separately) that pounds pills into a fine powder for easier swallowing. These pill pouches have a unique shape at the base that is heat sealed to prevent pill waste and minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The pill pouch bags offer significant performance advantages over the competition at a lower cost than comparable products currently on the market. 1000 bags per box.

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Great Pouches

We are a school and the price for these Pouch Bags was perfect! It enables us to provide our students with real hands experience.


1000 Dynarex Pill Crusher Pouch Bags, Clear

Best yet

They are great

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