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ACE Sport Tape 1.5 x 10 Yards (4 pack)


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ACE Sport Tape 1.5 x 10 Yards (4 pack) is designed to support weak or injured joints during everyday athletic or work-related activities. Ideal for the ankle, fingers or wrist, this durable tape is easy to tear off and apply. It is made with a soft poly-cotton material that adheres securely and comes in a convenient 4 pack.

  1. Ideal for ankle, fingers or wrist
  2. Supports weak or injured joints to prevent injuries
  3. Great for athletic or work-related activities
  4. Durable, soft poly-cotton material
  5. Secure adhesive
  6. Tears easily
  7. Each roll: 1.5” x 10 yd
  8. 4 rolls per pack


How to wear ACE Sports Tape:

1) Apply tape to clean, dry skin
2) Wrap tape firmly taking care not to wrap too tightly which can hinder circulation
3) Wrap tape smoothly to avoid skin irritatio


When you’re recovering from an injury, the last thing you want to worry about is injuring the area again. This is where ACE sports tape comes in handy! Weather your actually playing a sport, or you need to use those injured areas for work, use some medical tape to stabilize the area as you work. Made to work just as hard as you do, ACE Sport Tape 1 x 10 Yards (4 pack) will provide your joint with comfortable, sturdy support, protecting your joints as you continue doing your everyday activities.

Order your ACE Sport Tape 1.5 x 10 Yards (4 pack) at a competitive price online today, or call 1-888-687-4334 for ordering assistance from one of our excellent Medical Supply Professionals.

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