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ADC Blood Pressure Gauge Crystal Retaining Rings


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Retaining Ring for 800 Gauge

ADC Blood Pressure Gauge Crystal Retaining Rings are designed to durably hold the gauge crystal of a blood pressure unit in place. This threaded ring is easy to insert and specifically made for ADC products for a perfect fit.


ADC Retaining Rings Features:

  • Designed to hold gauge crystal in place
  • Easy to install
  • Use with ADC gauges only
  • Sold by the each


A gauge crystal retaining ring is the part of manometer on a blood pressure unit that holds the protective gauge crystal in place. Accidents happen, especially if you’re a healthcare provider that works out in the field. This is why it is important to have accessories to your most frequently used instruments, like the blood pressure cuff handy. Being prepared allows you to quickly fix your instrument, as opposed to carrying around extra replacements. While sometimes that is necessary, it is easier to carry around parts than it is a whole unit. These gauge crystal rings are compact, durable and easy to install  on-site. It is also more cost-effective to replace parts that it is the entire unit.


Item # ADC Gauge # ADC BP Unit
895 800 Gauge 700, 778 Series
895-1 802 Gauge 720 Series
895-4N 808N Gauge 760, 768 Series
895-5N 809N Gauge 770, 775, 780, 785, 790 Series


Order ADC Blood Pressure Gauge Crystal Retaining Rings online today at a great low price, or call to speak with a friendly customer service associate by phone at 1-888-687-4334.

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