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ADC Blood Pressure Valve Hospital Packs


$ 106.00 $ 109.99

ADC Blood Pressure Replacement Valve's are designed to provide your facility with quality replacement blood pressure deflation valves that are compatible with most aneroid or mercurial systems. This bulk set of 20 end valves allow for a variety of bulb/valve combinations.


Valve Features:

  • Selection of end valves permits a variety of combinations
  • For use with most aneroid or mercurial blood pressure instruments
  • 20 valves per box
  • Luer connector (#891F) not included


How can a blood pressure reading be inaccurate?

Taking a blood pressure measurement is one of the most common practices in the medical field, and can be at home, as well. A typical manual blood pressure unit consists of four main parts: an inflatable cuff attached by rubber tubing to a hollow rubber bulb, a gauge with millimeter markings, and an air release valve. When using a BP system, it is important to realize that some of these parts may wear out over time, especially in a busy hospital setting. The inflation bladder may lose its shape if it has been over-inflated, holes could develop in the tubing, the cuff could get torn, etc. Even the tiniest leak in your deflation valve can throw off a measurement.

Since each individual component of the unit plays such a large part in accurately measuring blood pressure, take care of your blood pressure systems and have them calibrated and replace old or damaged parts as needed. Many products, such as these valves are available in bulk, so that you can service more than one at a time. Click here to view other blood pressure system replacement parts.


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