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ADC Mercury Sphyg Plastic Cartridge Assembly


$ 7.80 $ 15.98

ADC Mercury Sphyg Plastic Cartridge Assembly is designed to be an easy replacement for your current ADC mercury blood pressure system cartridge. Complete with ADC’s quality reputation, this cartridge is durable and easy to install.


Cartridge Features:

  • For use with ADC mercury sphyg blood pressure instruments only
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Easy to install


*Price may vary dpending on item chosen

ADC Cartridge Number Corresponding ADC BP Unit
922-126 922 Mercury Sphyg
952-129 932 & 952B Mercury Sphyg
972-129 972 Mercury Sphyg




When using a mercury blood pressure instrument – or any instrument the utilizes mercury – there is always the risk of an accident happening where mercury leaks or spills out of the unit. Doctors have been using them for hundreds of years and they still remain to be the favorite among healthcare professionals around the world. Why? Because of their accuracy. Mercury instruments have been scientifically proven to succeed in accuracy over other instruments. Today, there are many alternatives that equal the mercury instrument in that aspect without the added risk. However, with ADC’s mercury blood pressure units being made of virtually indestructible materials, you can be assured that the risk of a spill is extremely low. In the event that one does happen to occur, ADC provides a complete Mercury Spill Kit for safe, easy clean-up.





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