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Air-Eze Incentive Breathing Exerciser


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The Hudson Rci (Teleflex) Air-EZE Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser is a spirometer that is used to measure lung function. Made with the wide flow rate of anywhere between 200cc/second – 1200cc/second, the Air-EZE is compact, features a low-resistance design, and has a sliding incentive indicator

Air-EZE is made for effectiveness and, just as the name suggests, ease of use. The wide flow rate gives you more range for your varying patients, while the sliding indicator makes measuring your patients’ air flow a breeze. Another plus is that  the unique compact design of this deep breathing exerciser makes it easy to use and store. Air-EZE:  measure your patient's lung function with ease.


A deep breathing exerciser with a wide flow rate that is used to measure lung function.


Measures lung function


Air-EZE Spirometer Features:

  • Wide flow rate: 200cc/sec to 1200cc/sec
  • Compact
  • Low-resistance design
  • Sliding incentive indicator
  • Sold by:  Each



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