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Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer


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The Airway Larry Airway Management Trainer by Simulaids is a medical model used to simulate a non-anesthetized patient for the practice of intubation, ventilation, suction and CPR techniques. Made with a durable, single-piece construction, this model features anatomical landmarks, an easily maneuverable airway, and comes with the stand to mount head, pump spray lubricant, and a hard carrying case.


Practice and evaluate medical techniques including:

  • Allows students to practice oral, digital and nasal intubation
  • Suction techniques and proper cuff inflation
  • Realistic practice of the Sellick maneuver



Perfect for both introductory and advanced classes, Airway Larry will provide you with countless hours of practicing and evaluating airway management techniques. Not only does this airway model include anatomy and landmarks, but it also allows you to practice many procedures realistically, including the Sellick maneuver – applying cricoids pressure changes the tracheal position and closes the esophagus for a realistic simulation! You can practice various intubation techniques, suction, proper cuff inflation, and Airway Larry can even be used with the stand or attached to CPARLENE® or Resusci® Anne brand CPR manikins. Use an airway management trainer that will help better prepare your students for real-life situations with the ever-popular, Airway Larry model.


A non-anesthetized patient simulation used to practice intubation, ventilation, suction and CPR techniques

Can be used with stand or attached to CPARLENE® or Resusci® Anne brand CPR manikins

Airway Larry Features:

  • "Airier" airway with more room to maneuver
  • Slightly anterior head position
  • Durable, one-piece model



  •  Stand to mount head
  • Pump spray lubricant
  • Hard carrying case


Anatomical landmarks:

  • Teeth
  • Tongue
  • Oral and nasal pharynx
  • Larynx
  • Epiglottis
  • Arytenoids
  • False cords
  • True vocal cords
  • Trachea
  • Lungs
  • Esophagus
  • Cricoids cartilage
  • Stomach

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