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Assist A Tray Standing Aid


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Assist-A-Tray is a convenient, easy to use support and mobility system that you can use with any couch or easy chair. Made with an ergonomically designed safety handle and a multi-purpose swivel tray with cup and utensile holders that easily pivots where you need it to, this support system is fully adjustable and has Stander’s Super Grip rubber pads for superior stability and safety for both you and your chair.


Assist-A-Tray Features:

  • For use with your favorite couch or chair
  • Ergonomic Safety Handle
  • Swivel Tray pivots up to 360°
  • Fully adjustable
  • Super Grip rubber pads


  • Weight Limit of Tray: 30 lbs
  • Weight Limit of Handle: 250 lbs
  • Height of Tray: 26” - 32”
  • Height Adjustment Handle 34” - 40”
  • Dimensions of Handle: 6” x 6,” 1.25” in diameter
  • Base Length 20” – 36”
  • Weight 19.5 lbs
  • Size of Tray 16” x 18”
  • Base Feet Measurements: 4” x 7”

    How can Assist-A-Tray help me?

    Do you have arthritis, sore joints, or another condition/injury that limits you physically? If so, you understand how difficult it can be do perform day-to-day tasks. The simplest thing can be painful and become a real chore, even getting in and out of a chair. Really deep, comfortable chairs can be difficult to maneuver in and out of.

    With this chair assist, not only can you utilize the tray as you need it (eating, supporting a laptop, etc), but it will also assist you in getting in and out of the sitting position. It is even versatile enough to cater to your needs and be placed on whatever side of the couch you usually sit on. Help yourself to not only stay independent, but also be able to keep your favorite comfy chair with Asisst-a-Tray. 

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