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Bar Magnifier Ruler For Reading


$ 4.00 $ 5.95

The Bar Magnifier is for readers who have trouble seeing small print in books, newspapers, magazines, etc. The bar magnifies 2X the regular font for easier reading without straining your eyes. The bar magnifier also doubles as a ruler.


How can I see the tiny font used in books and newspapers better and clearer?


Bar Magnifier features:

  • Magnifies 2X
  • Geat for reading newspaper, books and magazines
  • Doubles as a reader
  • Sold by the each


Bar magnifies regular font 2X its normal size! 


Brand: Essential Medical

Product Number: L4008

If you are constantly straining your eyes to read the newspaper you probably often suffer from headaches, but the Bar Magnifier can put all your troubles to rest. Magnify small font for easy reading by ordering your Bar Magnifier today!


Place your order for the Bar Magnifier online or call 1-888-687-4334 to speak with one of our friendly, helpful Medical Supply Specialists for more information.

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