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Bardex I.C. Foley Tray with 16 French Catheter


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Bard Bardex I.C. (infection control) Foley Tray is a catheterization kit that features Bard Medical's unique foley catheter that has a Bacti-Guard coating to prevent bacteria in the urethra from adhering to the catheter and infecting the bladder. A 2000 mL drainage bag is pre-connected to the catheter with a tamper evident seal at the catheter/drainage tube junction, Bard’s EZ-Lok sampling Port for needleless urine sampling, and a microbicidal outlet tube to ensure that the urine stays contaminant-free.


Bardex I.C. Foley Tray Specifications:

  • 5cc Bardex IC anti-infective standard Foley catheter
  • Catheter features Bacti-Guard technology
  • 2000mL pre-connected infection control drainage bag
  • Tamper evident seal at the catheter/drainage tube junction
  • EZ-Lok Sampling Port
  • Bard microbicidal outlet tube
  • 16 French Size
  • Sold by: Each


Why should I provide my patients with a catheter that features Bacti-Guard technology?

The Bacti-Guard system does more than just prevent bacteria from entering the bladder. It is a silver alloy coating that actually shields the catheter from bacteria and is chemically anchored to the catheter surface for anti-infective properties that will last. These catheters also include Bard’s Hydrogel coating to protect your patient’s delicate urethral tissue. Bard catheters not only protect the bladder, but also prevent trauma to the urethra for easy, smooth insertion, and reduces adherence of UTI pathogens thereby improving patient comfort during the process. Keep your patients comfortable and safe with Bard Medical’s infection control catheters.

Order the Bardex I.C. Foley Tray with 16 French Catheter online at a great low price today, or call to speak with a dedicated service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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