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BD Safe Clip Needle Clipping Device


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Great for using with insulin syringes and pen needles, the BD Safe Clip Needle Clipping Device safely and efficiently clips and stores the needles off of used syringes, making the syringes unusable and safely storing the used needles inside the device where they won’t cause accidental needle sticks.


  • Safely stores 1,500 used needle tips
  • For use with 28 – 31 gauge needles and 3/16" (5mm) – ½" (12.7mm) length needles
  • Helps prevent accidental needle sticks
  • Reduces the chances of cross-contaminations
  • Ensures that the syringes won’t be reused
  • Conveniently portable so it can be taken with you 

Once the device is full of needles, they can easily and safely be discarded in accordance with your local sharps disposal regulations. 

Brand: BD

Product number: 328235

Product weight: 0.55 ounces

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