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BIC Ecolutions Disposable Razors, 4 Pack


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A men's disposable razor  by BIC that is as gentile on your skin as it is on the environment! BIC Ecolutions Razors are high-quality, environmentally-friendly disposable razors for men. Designed for normal to sensitive skin, these green razors feature Bic’s triple blade technology, twin lubricating Aloe and Vitamin E strips, a curved easy-grip handle for a smooth, comfortable shave. Each disposable razor in this 4-pack will provide 10 great shaves. Also, both the razors and packaging are made with completely green materials.


The first shaver ever designed to reduce its carbon footprint.

The BIC Ecolutions Disposable Razors will be as good to the environment as it is to your face. Each razor is made with vegetable based (corn) plastic and pigments while the packaging is made with recyclable cardboard and vegetable-based (soy) inks. Best of all, with Bic’s triple blade technology, and skin-conditioning dual strips your face will feel smooth and clean shave after shave. Be part of the solution with BIC Ecolutions Razors – they’re friendly on the earth and your face!



  • Eco-friendly men's disposable razors
  • Great for normal to sensitive skin types

BIC Ecolutions Razors Features:

  • Triple blade technology
  • Twin lubricating Aloe & Vitamin E strip
  • Curved easy-grip handle
  • 10 great shaves per razor
  • 4 razors per pack
  • Sold by the pack


How are BIC Ecolutions razors eco-friendly?

The raw material, production, distribution, end of life and packaging reduces this product's CO2 output - it is 16g less than an equivalent razor made with regular oil-based plastic!

The Razor…

  • Bioplastic - a natural renewable material made from corn without oil-based additives
  • Bio-Pigments - vegetable origin pigments that give the shavers their distinct green color
  • Long lasting performance - each blade provides up to 10 great shaves

The Packaging…

  • Less is more - minimized packaging means less waste
  • All BIC Ecolutions packaging is made with 100% recycled bleach-free cardboard
  • Each package is printed with Bio Inks made of vegetable based (soy) pigments.


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