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Bioguard Gauze Sponges Sterile, 2’s, 12-ply


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 Derma Sciences Bioguard Gauze Sponges are a effictive gauze pad that protects wounds and provides a barrier against bacterial penetration in and around the wound. The active ingredient within Bioguard Gauze Sponges is a cationic biocide called Polydadmac, this ingredient does not disrupt the pathogens’ cell walls and protects the wound from infection. With a 99.99% kill rate against infections including MRSA, VRE and pseudomonas, this barrier dressing will protect your patient against external contaminants, reduce bacteria and pathogens from wound fluid and prevent against cross contamination as the wound heals. They have been found to be more cost-effective than antimicrobial dressings, and they are effective without damaging cells and disrupting the healing process.

BIOGUARD Gauze Sponges Features:

  1. Barrier dressing
  2. PolyDadmac impregnated dressings made for infection control.
  3. More cost-effective and efficient than antimicrobial dressings
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Does not leak onto wound
  6. Eliminates antimicrobial resistance

How can BIOGUARD barrier dressings be more effective than Antimicrobial dressings?

Products that utilize antimicrobial technology work great at sterilizing and preventing cross-contamination in a healthcare facility. However, it does come with some drawbacks. In wound care too much sterilization can actually be defective. Antimicrobial agents can exist outside of the dressing and get inside the wound, which can potentially cause resistant strains of pathogens and harm good cells and actually slow the healing process. They are also typically more expensive than traditional gauze sponge dressings.

In traditional wound care dressing formats, the gauze dressing is there to provide a barrier from the wound to the environment and help dry out the wound so it can heal. Biocide gauze products take that one step further – it allows the dressing to be more protective and proactive without being toxic to the wound. Use a BIOGUARD barrier dressing to protect your patients from infection and promote effective wound healing.

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