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Bionix Articulating Safe Ear Curette


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The Bionix Articulating Safe Ear Curette was made specifically for safely removing impacted ear wax from the ear canal. By sliding the body of the instrument in opposite directions with your finger tips, the tip adjusts to meet your needs up to 90° and can be positioned beyond the obstruction for easy access and removal.


Articulating Safe Ear Curette Features:

  • Ideal for removing ear wax (cerumen) from the ear
  • 90° range of motion
  • Single use
  • 50 per box


Everyone has ear wax. It keeps the canal and the inside of the ear well oiled and protected. A healthy ear uses the hairs inside to regulate the amount of wax it produces and cleans itself out. However, for some people ear wax (cerumen) is a problem that can cause temporary deafness and they need a little extra help cleaning it out. Ear candles are a popular home remedy, or you can have your ears professionally suctioned and irrigated. What makes this tool special is that when you go to the doctor, the blockage can be removed with ease. The Articulating Safe Ear Curette is easy to use and is made to be gentle on the inner ear, minimizing discomfort, so that the visit is simpler and more comfortable for both doctor and patient.

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