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Bionix Disposable Nasal Speculum


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Bionix Disposable Speculum is designed to be an easy-to-use, patient-friendly instrument that can give you a superior view of the nasal cavity. The speculum is not made with stainless steel, making it more comfortable for your patient; and it is easy to grip and manipulate, making it easy for you to use this simple, single-use tool.




  1. Can facilitate packing or cauterizing of bleeding noses
  2. Patient-friendly
  3. Easy squeeze grip
  4. Rounded tips
  5. Single use
  6. Adult size:  5" long, 7.5 mm tip
  7. Available in boxes of 20 or 48


Any healthcare professional can tell you that when a patient – child or adult – gets something lodged in their nose, it is not a comfortable experience. However, it needs to be treated as carefully and efficiently as possible so as not to damage the sensitive nasal tissues, or cause more complications. Since the nasal cavity, being larger than it appears, extends all the way down to the back of the mouth, there is always the danger of choking on or aspirating the object. The Bionix Disposable Speculum will give you a clear view of the inside of the nose as you examine and treat your patient. It is both patient-friendly and single use, which saves you on the costs and time of sterilization and helps your patient to have a more comfortable experience.

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