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Bionix Lighted Articulating Safe Ear Curette 50/Box


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The New Bionix Lighted Articulating Safe Ear Curette with Magnification has recently been upgraded to further enhance its safety and usability by adding a trigger-like design to the magnification, illumination, and articulation. This instrument is designed to help safely and easily identify and extract blockages in the nasal and ear cavities. The bright light and magnification lens allows you to see the obstruction, while the tip is able to be manipulated and placed behind the obstruction to safely remove it.

  1. Unique trigger-like design
  2. Tip articulates up to 90°
  3. Magnifying lens
  4. LED illumination
  5. 3 mm tip
  6. Made in the USA
  7. 25 articulating curettes per box, with 1 light source and 1 magnification lens


  1. Improves procedural accuracy
  2. Easy-to-use and easy to maneuver
  3. Enhances usability, safety, and efficiency
  4. Increases patient comfort and satisfaction levels
  5. Reduces the risks of damaging the ear canal

Ideal Users:

  1. Pediatricians
  2. Family Practitioners
  3. ER Physicians
  4. Internists
  5. NP’s
  6. PA’s

The ear canal is extremely sensitive. Did you know that a tiny ball of wax could prevent you from hearing clearly? Similarly, any lodged foreign body, or the harsh removal of one, can be very painful and can cause abrasion and inflammation. The Bionix team knows this, and that is why they have developed the Lighted Articulating Safe Ear Curette to help prevent patient discomfort and avoid painful doctors’ visits. This innovative instrument is both efficient and gentle on the ear.

What distinguishes this curette from other curettes?

Unlike other more traditionally styled curettes, this curette has been specially designed to advance the safety, usability, and efficacy of ear curettage procedures. Combining light, magnification, and articulation into one convenient instrument enables practitioners to get a better view into the ear canal and actually see the cerumen, getting behind the blockage using articulation to work the object free, which eliminates the need to use the traditional top down sweeping motions that could potentially damage the ear canal.    

Manufacturer: Bionix Medical Technologies

UPC: 014646025112

When using this innovative ear curette you can forget about the days of performing blind curettage. Upgrade your more traditional (and soon to be outdated) stainless steel curettes by ordering online today to get your Bionix Lighted Articulating Safe Ear Curette for a great low price, or by calling to consult with a friendly service representative at 1-888-687-4334.

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