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Bionix Safe Ear Curettes


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Bionix Safe Ear Curettes are made with each individual patient in mind. Color coded and sized accordingly, these ear curettes are flexible enough to avoid injury to the ear and each style is conveniently color-coded for quick and easy identification and access. Bionix utilizes different tip styles to meet different needs, as well as different sizes for children and adults.


Flexible, single-use disposable ear curettes made to safely remove unwanted ear wax from the ear canal. 7 different styles to choose from: CeraSpoon, ControlLoop, AngleLoop, FlexLoop, VersaLoop, InfantScoop and MicroLoop.


Key Features:

  • Multiple types of loop tips to choose from
  • Made with a Flexible polypropylene material
  • Reduces pain and trauma
  • Disposable
  • Easy to use
  • Color-coded sizes
  • 50 per box, variety pack available


Bionix Ear Curette are color-coded sizes designed for specific type of patient and cerumen condition.






4mm wide tip


(General Use)


The white FlexLoop is an all purpose ear curette designed for normal curettage in a variety of patients






 4mm wide tip


(For Adults)


The Red AngleLoop has an angled tip that facilitates reaching the hard-to-get cerumen in older patients






4mm wide tip


 (For Adults)


The yellow CeraSpoon is perfect for softer wax, especially in patients who produce excessive amounts of cerumen






3mm wide tip


 (for Children)


The Purple VersaLoop has a smooth flexible tip that gives the user exceptional control while offering the patient more comfort






2mm wide tip


 (for Children)


The Blue InfantScoop is designed for smaller ears and may be used through an otoscope






4mm wide tip


(for Adults)


The ControlLoop has a bent "Shapleigh" style tip that allows the wax to be pulled straight out of the ear canal


What are ear curettes used for?

Removing a foreign object from the ear can be a painful process for any child or adult – ear wax is no exception. It can become so impacted that it feels like a foreign body lodged in the canal. These innovative Ear Curettes are made to bend when they hit an obstruction, unlike traditional metal instruments, making them a safer, less painful option to use on the sensitive inner ear. This product is a more comfortable option for removing ear wax obstructions and can make for an easier visit for both patient and doctor.


What is a ear curette?

An ear curette (ear pick) is a thin, narrow tool with a loop at the end used by physicians to remove wax build-up from cerumen. Ear wax build-up, if not treated correctly can result in temporary or permanent hearing loss.

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