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Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub 5 oz


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Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub is designed to clear pores of oil, dirt, makeup and dead skin cells for a smooth, clean complexion. Made with perfectly spherical, non-irritating exfoliating beads, this facial scrub is designed to get to the root of acne by gently scrubbing pores clean of dirt and bacteria to clear the skin and prevent future break-outs.


Key Features:

    • Acne-fighting skin exfoliant
    • Made with spherical – not jagged – beads
    • Gentle, non-irritating
    • Can be used daily, or a few times a week in conjunction with your favorite cleanser
    • Time: 1 minute to use
    • 5 oz tube



A word about exfoliants...

Any cleanser that advertises itself as an exfoliant will usually have some sort of facial scrubbing particles in it. It is important to remember that while scrubbing your face clean might be a good idea for some people, this technique can remove the thin layer of the skin on the face that acts as a protective barrier from the harsh environment. Doing so can cause the skin to look red and irritated if the cleanser is too harsh or the skin is too sensitive. Find the cleanser that is right for you.

Bioré’s Pore Unclogging Scrub is made with gentle beads - no rough edges - and is thus designed to be less irritating as it removes the bacteria that causes acne. If an exfoliating facial scrub does wonders for your skin, but irritates it sometimes, alternate it with a more soothing cleanser, or follow it up with a soft toner or moisturizer that will help to heal the skin without making it oily and causing more break-outs.

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