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Blood Lead Test Kit LeadCare II Lead Test Whole Blood Sample 48/Box

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The Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit offers an accurate, reliable, and economical way to detect low levels of lead in blood samples. This Blood Lead Test Kit utilizes capillary blood, a less invasive alternative to a venous draw, to detect lead in amounts as low as 3µg/dL. The Blood Lead Test Kit is easy to use and offers precise lead measurement in just minutes. The Blood Lead Test Kit is an ideal solution for testing for lead in children, pregnant women, and other individuals at risk of lead exposure. This Blood Lead Test Kit offers laboratories and healthcare providers a cost effective and time saving way to accurately measure lead levels in the blood. The Blood Lead Test Kit provides results in just 10 minutes so that appropriate preventive measures can be taken quickly and effectively.

Test Kit Includes: (48) Sensors, (48) Tubes of Treatment Reagent, (50) Capillary and Plungers, (50) Transfer Droppers, Calibration Button, (2) Levels Control Solution.

Benefits for Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit:

  • Accurate and reliable results: The Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit provides accurate results in just minutes.
  • Easy to use: The test is designed to be easy to use. It requires only one drop of blood, and the process can be completed in as little as ten minutes.
  • Cost effective: At less than $20 per test, this kit is an economical choice for home use.
  • Portable design: The kit comes with a convenient carry case, allowing for easy transportation.
  • Non-invasive: The test requires only a finger prick, meaning there is no risk of injury or pain.
  • Rapid results: The test yields results in as little as ten minutes.

Instructions on How To Use Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit:
1. Unpack your LeadCare II Test Kit and inspect to ensure that all components are present and in excellent condition.
2. Obtain a clean, sterile fingerstick device and lancet.
3. Follow the instructions for the fingerstick device being used.
4. Clean the puncture site with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
5. Pierce the skin with the fingerstick device and allow a drop of blood to form.
6. Squeeze the finger to increase the size of the blood drop.
7. Add the blood drop to the center of the test well located on the Reagent Test Strip.
8. Wait for the test result to be automatically read by the LeadCare II device.
9. Record the result and your observations in a laboratory log book.
10. Dispose of any unused material as indicated in the instructions.

Note: This product must be used with LeadCare II Analyzer.

The Magellan Diagnostics LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit General Chemistry Blood Lead Test Whole Blood Sample is a revolutionary and user-friendly system that offers rapid determination of lead toxicity that enables health care providers to safely and confidently refer children and adolescents to clinical counseling or other remedial services. This analytical method detects blood lead concentrations in two independent fluorophore-conjugated monoclonal antibody systems, which gives superior detection performance and wide linearity range from 10µg/dL of bioavailable blood lead levels down to 0.05µg/dL. This covered and exceeds the National Institute of Health (NIH) standards and helps medical professionals apply early intervention and prevent further advancement of any instances containing leading toxicity factors that could potentially affect an individual patient. The application utilizes fingerstroke or fingerstick, with just four drops of blood that immobilizes and binds the lead levels to the labeled laser fluorescence for reviewable results available typically within 10 minutes, allowing health care providers to promptly treat and curtail any potentially catastrophic long-term build up of root elements and maintain proper medical privacy during confirmation assessing processes.

The LeadCare II Blood Lead Test Kit is an invaluable tool to pediatricians in monitoring the levels of lead in their younger patients, especially those living in areas known to have high levels of lead contamination. Utilizing the kit to detect extremely low lead levels, pediatricians can quickly detect if a child has too much lead reactivity in their surroundings, allowing remediation efforts before it can cause harmful developmental effects. The toxicity of lead is well established and it is reassuring to families the Pediatrician can act quickly in sniffing out any troubling issues associated with their environment before the tipping point where health problems can arise. Utilizing the LeadCare II's simple finger-stick blood sample test that take no more than 20 minutes to complete, a rapid diagnosis and preventive action plan can be set into motion often within a matter of hours. A trusted companion since 1992 by writers globally, both in the only consumer range machine with Inductively Coupled Plasma- Mass Spec and now most recently the Brand new Leadcare II, physicians everywhere have this superior depth ion source ready as a pillar of safety within a young patient's system of care.

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