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Blue Aluminum Liposuction Handle with Cannula

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Liposuction Handle by Shippert Medical Technologies conveniently comes with a cannula. Complete with a variety of cannula styles, sizes and lengths, this liposuction instrument is made with a blue aluminum handle and is autoclavable.  

 Please call for Pricing on other Sizes and types.

Lipo Handle with Cannula Features:

  • Aluminum handle
  • Cannula included
  • Blue
  • Autoclavable
  • Sold by:  Each
  • Select hole patter, length and diameter

Available in 25 different hole patterns, Diameters 2 - 10 mm and 8 different lengths (see below)

This specialized lipo instrument provides you with the quality you expect from Shippert Medical. Made for ease of use and convenience, this handle is completely autoclavable for easy sterilizing patient after patient. This liposuction handle includes the cannula of your choice – choose from your desired style, diameter and length.

Hole Pattern

3-H-BA-MC  Mercedes

3-H-BA-TP  Triport

3-H-BA-SP  Spatula

3-H-BA-2SP  2 Port Spatula

3-H-BA-LV  Las Vegas (Pyramid)

3-H-BA-LV+  Las Vegas Plus

3-H-BA-SA  Seattler

3-H-BA-SY  Saylan

3-H-BA-BL  Blue

3-H-BA-CA  Cane

3-H-BA-MS  Modern Spiral

3-H-BA-TV  Toledo V

3-H-BA-TV3  Toledo V 3 Hole

3-H-BA-1S  1 Hole Standard

3-H-BA-2S  2 Hole Standard

3-H-BA-3S  3 Hold Standard

3-H-BA-2P  2 Port Radial

3-H-BA-KC  Keel Cobra

3-H-BA-FT  Fuente

3-H-BA-IM  Illouz Modified

3-H-BA-BB  Becker Basket

3-H-BA-BTD  Becker Tear Drop

3-H-BA-4H  Tissu-Trans 4 Hole

3-H-BA-18H  Tissu-Trans 18 Hole

3-H-BA-24H  Tissu-Trans 24 Hole


2 mm

3 mm

4 mm

5 mm

6 mm

7 mm

8 mm

9 mm

10 mm


10 cm

15 cm

20 cm

25 cm

30 cm

35 cm

40 cm

45 cm

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