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Bronchial Suction Catheter with Coude Tip


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Bard Bronchial Suction Catheter is a rubber bronchial suctioning catheter that is easy to use and patient-friendly. This disposable coude catheter features one eye, a whistle tip with thumb valve and is x-ray opaque for easy identification on films.

Bronchial Catheter Features:

  • Rubber material
  • Coude catheter with thumb valve
  • X-ray opaque
  • One eye
  • Whistle tip
  • Single use only
  • Sterile
  • Available in 10 to 12 french or 14 to 16 french


What is a bronchial catheter?

A bronchial catheter, such as this Bard-brand catheter, is a long flexible tube used to keep a patient's airway free and clear of any liquid. The suction catheter is connected to a suction machine and a collection container which allows it to draw out and dispose of liquid secretions. This is done to prevent the patient from aspirating the secretions into the lungs, so that the patient can breathe easier and keep the area clear of infection.

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