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Bunion Aid Flexible Pain Relief Splint


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The Bunion Aid Flexible Pain Relief Splint is one product with three big benefits! It helps ease bunion pains, provides protection for bunions, and helps correct bunions. This one-of-a-kind bunion splint features an award winning and patented hinged splint design that has adjustable straps and a comfort enhancing gel cushion that helps provide protection for irritated tissues while distributing pressure and providing corrective support. It can be comfortably worn throughout the day while going about your normal activities or worn at night while you’re sleeping. Plus it is easily washable and can be used with either the left or right foot.


**Note: This product is not recommended to be used by those who have diabetes or circulation problems.



  • Padded hinged bunion splint
  • Comfortable gel cushion
  • Adjustable toe strap and hinge
  • Anatomically-curved, dual-strapping system
  • Washable
  • Universal sizing
  • Interchangeable with the left and right foot
  • Sold by: the each



  • Patented and award winning design
  • Can comfortably worn during the day or throughout the night
  • Can be worn while the user goes about their normal daily activities
  • Interchangeable – can be used with either the right or left feet
  • Has an adjustable toe strap and hinge to help straighten and correct the alignment of the big toe while relieving some of the pain
  • Uses a unique dual-strapping system to help stabilize the metatarsal arch
  • The innovative padded hinge splint with soft gel cushion design helps protect the area from further irritation while distributing pressure and providing corrective support
  • Engineered and made in Germany


Ideal Uses:

  • Relieving the pain and discomfort associated with bunions
  • Treating mild to moderate mal-positioning of the big toe
  • Treating light-to-moderate Hallux valgus
  • Improving gait
  • Maintaining post-surgical fixation of the big toe
  • Preventing bunions from getting worse
  • Preventing/correcting overlapping toes
  • Preventing hammer toes
  • Helping prevent the need for toe/foot surgeries


Manufacturer: Aircast

Product Number: 81-03H


Help ease bunion pains while providing protection from further irritations and helping correct bunions /realign the big toe by using this 3-in-1Bunion Aid Flexible Pain Relief Splint. Take advantage of special low pricing and order today! Simply place your order online through our website or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our astounding Medical Supply Associates.

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