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C5 Horizontal Separation Centrifuge with Extra Quiet Motor


$ 1,475.00 $ 1,995.95

The LW Scientific USA C5 Centrifuge offers a straight-line separation for accurate processing and eliminates the need for re-spins. The rubber feet prevent slipping while spinning at a high rate of speed and it has a wide mouth for an easier clean up. Whisper-quiet brushless DC motor that can reach 800-5000 RPM's.


Applications: Blood (STAT), Urine, Semen, Fecal, Hematocrits, PRP, PPP, Stem-Cell


  • - Straight-line Horizontal separation for highly accurate results
  • - 800 to 5,000 RPM for G-Force speed for quicker results
  • - Programmable time and speed
  • - Cooler chamber for cooler samples
  • - Whisper-quiet operation
  • - Impact-resistant lid with view port
  • - New designed Wider Mouth for easy cleaning
  • - Up to 17.5x 128mm tubes



  • - Digital controls make it easier to operate    
  • - Higher g-forces to make separating materials easy
  • - Reduces high potassium results and eliminates re-spins  


What's Included:  Centrifuge, 3-prong power cord, 8 tube shields, 8 tube cushions (for shorter tubes)

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