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Calagel Anti Itch First Aid Antiseptic Gel 6 oz


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Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a medicated anti-itch product that wouldn’t leave behind pink blotches and drip all over the place? There is! Tecnu Calagel Anti-Itch Gel provides fast-acting and long-lasting cooling itch relief in a clear gel that stays right where you put it! This maximum strength gel uses a hydrocortisone-free formula to relieve the itching and pain while helping reduce swelling and prevent infections by killing germs and drying out any oozing blisters or wounds.



  • Maximum strength cooling itch relief
  • Skin protectant
  • Topical analgesic
  • First-aid antiseptic gel
  • Clear gel
  • Non-runny and non-drip formula
  • Hydrocortisone-free formula
  • Available in 6 oz bottles
  • Sold by: the each



  • Antiseptic properties that kill germs and bacteria to help prevent infections
  • Analgesic properties to help relieve the pain accompanying that itch
  • Antipruritic properties to provide long-lasting maximum strength relief
  • Antihistamine properties that help reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Astringent properties for drying out any oozing blisters or wounds
  • Contains menthol for soothing cooling sensations
  • Unlike many other medicated anti-itch gels, Calagel features a hydrocortisone-free formula


Ideal Uses:

To provide temporary relief from the pain and itching associated with:

  • Minor burns
  • Sunburn
  • Minor cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Insect bites
  • Minor skin irritations
  • Poison oak
  • Poison ivy
  • Poison sumac 



  • For use by children and adults 2 years of age and older
  • The affected area should be cleaned using soap and water and then dried before the gel is applied
  • Apply gel to the affected area
  • Massage gel into the skin
  • Do not apply more than 3 times a day
  • Can be covered with a sterile bandage if desired, let dry before covering with the bandage
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store between 59°-86°F (15° to 30°C)



  • For external use; use only as directed
  • Not intended for use by those under 2 years of age
  • Do not use this product if you are allergic to sulfites
  • Do not use with ANY OTHER PRODUCT CONTAINING DIPHENHYDRAMINE, whether taken orally or applied topically
  • Do not use on deep wounds, puncture wounds, animal bites, or serious burns
  • Do not use on large areas of the body


Active Ingredients: Benzethonium chloride 0.15%, Diphenhydramine HCl 2%, Zinc acetate 0.215%

Inactive Ingredients: Disodium EDTA, fragrance, hypromellose, menthol, polysorbate 20, purified water, sodium metabisulfite


Manufacturer: Tec Laboratories Inc.

Product number: GR13


Order your Tecnu Calagel Anti-Itch Gel today and put the hassle of using that annoying pink lotion that drips and runs all over the place behind you! Calagel Anti Itch Gel offers hydrocortisone-free relief for itching and pain related to skin irritants. This effective clear gel is a great additions to first-aid kits and convenient to have when camping, or spending time outdoors.

Get it today for a great low price by placing an order online through our website or by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our professional Medical Supply Specialists.

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