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Chokkin Scissors


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Feather Chokkin Scissors by Graham-Field offer convenience and enhanced usability. Complete with a holder and a pocket clip, these blue medical scissors feature fluorocarbon plastic resin coated blades that make cutting adhesive tapes easier. These scissors also have a gently curved design for all-around effortless use.



  • Gently curved lines
  • Fluorocarbon plastic resin coated blades
  • Resistant to adhesive tapes
  • Includes holder & clip
  • Attaches easily to a pocket or lab coat

Brand: Graham-Field

Product Number: 2998BL

Color: Blue


Graham-Field has a pair of Chokkin scissors, designed by Feather, which will make routine medical tasks easier. Gently curved, the blade surfaces are coated in fluorocarbon plastic resin, keeping adhesive tape glue from clinging to the blades while cutting. Each pair of scissors comes with a handy holder and a pocket clip. The holder will keep the blades protected and the clip will keep the scissors safely attached to your pocket, so that you will know where they are at all times. Also, these scissors are colored blue for easy identification.


For quality chokkin scissors, choose Graham-Field Feather Chokkin Scissors. Order your Chokkin scissors online today, or speak with one of our trained representatives for more information at 1-888-687-4334.

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