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Citrate of Magnesia 10 oz


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Citroma Citrate of Magnesia is a saline laxative used to relieve occasional constipation and irregularity. Made with magnesium citrate, this laxative is clear, lemon flavored, and starts working within ½ to 6 hours. When you need easy to take, dependable constipation relief, use Citroma. This clear saline laxative will help you effectively produce a bowel movement in as little as 30 minutes. Made with magnesium citrate, a common ingredient used to relieve constipation, this solution is great tasting, easy to take, and easy on your system, so that you can get the relief you need without the hassle.

Citroma Citrate of Magnesia Features:

  • Clear saline laxative
  • Works in ½ to 6 hours
  • 10 fl oz pasteurized
  • Lemon Flavored

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