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Cyclophosphamide Capsules 50 mg

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Cyclophosphamide Capsules 50 mg is a drug used to treat certain cancers and Nephrotic syndrome a kidney disorder that causes your body to excrete too much protein in your urine.

Cyclophosphamide is indicated for the treatment of:

  • malignant lymphomas (Stages III and IV of the Ann Arbor staging system), Hodgkin’s disease, lymphocytic lymphoma (nodular or diffuse), mixed-cell type lymphoma, histiocytic lymphoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • multiple myeloma.
  • leukemias: chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic granulocytic leukemia (it is usually ineffective in acute blastic crisis), acute myelogenous and monocytic leukemia, acute lymphoblastic (stem-cell) leukemia (cyclophosphamide given during remission is effective in prolonging its duration).
  • mycosis fungoides (advanced disease).
  • neuroblastoma (disseminated disease).
  • adenocarcinoma of the ovary
  • retinoblastoma
  • carcinoma of the breast

Brand: Roxanne Laboratories
Size: 100 Tablets
Strength: 50 mg
UPC: 000540383250


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