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Davis Foley Catheter with Two Balloons


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Bard Medical’s Davis Foley Catheter with Two Balloons is a diagnostic Foley catheter that aids in the diagnosis of urethral diverticula. With its 20cc and 30cc double balloon design, and single eye located between the two balloons, this sterile catheter is made for smooth and easy insertion and removal and to reduce encrustation for effective, simple use.


What are diverticula and how can a double balloon catheter help?

Urethral diverticula are pouch-like enlargements that can develop along the bladder and urethra and can cause urinary tract infections, incontinence, post-emptying leakage, and abdominal pain among other symptoms. The Davis catheter allows the doctor to inject and hold a liquid that can be seen on an x-ray inside the bladder to locate the diverticula and treat the patient. The 30cc balloon is used inside the bladder to keep the catheter in place while the sliding 20cc balloon is designed to seal the liquid inside the bladder during the examination. This particular Bard Foley catheter is beneficial because it is coated with Hydrogel which helps the catheter to be more easily inserted and removed from the patient and reduces the risk of encrustation.


Davis Catheter Features:

  • Aids in the diagnosis of urethral diverticula
  • Double balloon design
  • Hydrogel coating
  • Sliding 20cc balloon located below 30cc bladder balloon
  • Short length
  • Round tip
  • Single eye
  • Single-use
  • Sterile
  • 14 fr size



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