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Deluxe Mark-It Denture Marking Kit


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The Deluxe Mark-It Denture Marking Kit is a complete kit that comes with all the supplies needed to label patients denture for identification. Each kit comes complete with a larger amount of sealing liquid than in the standard kit, 30 scuffing pads (10 more than in the standard kit), one metallic pencil, all neatly packaged in a hard plastic case with molded foam inserts. This kit provides a quick and easy means of creating distinctly visible markings for quick and easy identification. 


    • For labeling patients’ dentures
    • Creates distinctly visible markings
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Compete, all-inclusive kit
    • Sold by: the kit


        • Add initials and/or other distinguishable markings to dentures
        • Helps prevent denture mix-ups
        • Makes is easy to identify a patient’s dentures
        • Specially designed to be resistant to water and saliva
        • The sealant air-dries clear within just a few minutes
        • Will not impair soft tissues, dental appliances, or how they fit
        • Quick and easy to use
        • Comes with a larger sized bottle of the sealing liquid for a greater number of applications
        • Includes an extra 10 scuffing pads

          Ideal Uses:

          This kit is great for using in any environment where there is a potential for denture mix-ups, such as (but not including):

            • Dental offices
            • Nursing homes
            • Community living centers
            • Hospitals
            • Other care facilities

              Kit Includes:

                • Larger amount of sealing liquid than in the standard kit
                • One applicator brush (attached to the cap of sealing liquid bottle
                • 30 scuffing pads (10 more than in the standard kit)
                • One metallic pencil
                • Neatly packaged in a hard plastic case with molded foam inserts

                  Instructions for Use:

                    • Step 1 – Use the included abrasive scuffing pad to abrade and clean near the back of the cheek side of the denture
                    • Step 2 – In the area that you just cleaned, on both upper and lower dentures, use one of the included pencils to make identifying markings, such as the patient’s name and/or room number
                    • Step 3 – Apply a uniform coating of the sealing liquid over the markings
                    • Step 4 – Close the sealant bottle immediately to prevent evaporation and drying
                    • Step 5 – Wait a minimum of 1-2 minutes for the coating to dry
                    • Step 6 – After the first coat dries, apply a second coating of the sealing liquid
                    • Step 7 – Allow the second coating to dry
                    • Step 8 – Apply a third coating of the sealing liquid and allow to dry 
                    • Step 9 –  Dentures are ready to use as normal

                      Manufacturer: Mountainside Medical Equipment

                      Product number: MS-1990

                      Eliminate the confusion of trying to distinguish between two sets of dentures by using the Deluxe Mark-It Denture Marking Kit. Get Denture Marking Kits for a great low price by placing an order online, through our website. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our knowledgeable Medical Supply Specialists.

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