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Deluxe Reacher Grabber


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The Deluxe Reacher Grabber gives you the ability and leverage to easily grasp hard-to-reach items. Designed to accommodate tricky narrow areas, this reacher has a built-in wrist support for superior stability and comfort, as well as a magnetic head for a better grip, and a hanging option for easy storage.

Deluxe Reacher Grabber Features:

  • Rotating head for narrow areas
  • Built-in wrist support
  • Magnetic head
  • Built-in hanger for compact storage
  • 26” long

What can a Reaching Aid do for me?

If you’ve been recently injured or have a condition that limits your range of motion and your ability to maneuver, a reacher can help you a lot. It is like an extension of your arm. The magnetic grip is perfect for metal objects and it can be use in tough to reach places like a shelf that’s above your head, or deep in a cupboard that is out of arms reach. It’s not just for convenience, but also for your safety. If you have a hard time getting in and out of a chair, keep it nearby in case you drop something on the floor. Don’t put yourself in danger by standing on stools or countertops to get something you need. Use a reacher/grabbing tool.


Extend your reach today by ordering the Deluxe Reacher Grabber online, or call to speak with a pleasant customer service associate at 1-888-687-4334.

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