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DeRoyal Cutaway Knee Immobilizer


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The DeRoyal Cutaway Knee Immobilizer is made to keep your knee supported and protected after an injury. Made with a lightweight, breathable foam material and fully adjustable stays and strapping, this knee brace is made to fit your individual leg comfortably.


Cutaway Knee Immobilizer Features:

  • Ideal for mild to severe knee injuries, post-operative immobilization, grade II and III collateral ligament sprain, patellar dislocations and ostrochondral fractures
  • Perforated foam material
  • Contoured stays
  • Loop lock straps
  • Foam cutaway
  • Available in 4 lengths


A knee injury can be debilitating and pretty painful. For someone who is used to being active all the time, like an athlete, the rehabilitation process could be a struggle. A good support to stabilize your knee to help it get back to normal function is key – it has to be comfortable, able to be adjusted to suit your needs and (most importantly) able to support the knee joint the proper way. The DeRoyal Cutaway Knee Immobilizer can do all those things, so that you can heal as quickly as possible.

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