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Dobbhoff Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Stylet

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Dobbhoff Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Stylet is a feeding tube designed for nasogastric and naso dueodenal feeding. This tube goes through the nose, pass the esophagus, and to the stomach. Engeniered with a weighted end and connectors that are specifically made for enteral feeding, this feeding tube is made with a radiopaque, DEHP-free polyurethane material with centimeter markings, and it has a Y-port connector so that you don’t have to disconnect the feeding adapter to deliver medication or flush the tube. This enteral tube also addresses the 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnection Sentinel Event alert to assure your patients’ safety.



Dobbhoff Kangaroo NG Feeding Tube Features:

  • Can dwell inside patient for up to 30 days with proper care and maintenance
  • 55” lingual port enteral connector engineered to reduce risk of tubing misconnections
  • Addresses 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnection Sentinel Event alert
  • Purple color denotes enteral feeding
  • Weighted feeding tubes with flow-through stylets
  • Radiopaque polyurethane material
  • Y-port connector
  • Centimeter (cm) markings
  • MRI conditional once stylet is removed
  • DEHP-free



What is the importance of radiopaque and graduated NG tubes?

When placing a tube inside your patient, location is important. Making sure that the tube is going down the right way and that it is the right length for each individual patient makes a huge difference, as you well know. Utilize an NG tube from a company like Kendall, who takes every step to make sure the process easier on both you and your patients. This feeding tube can be seen clearly on an x-ray so it is easy to locate inside your patient, and it also features clearly marked centimeter markings so that you can see exactly how much of the tubing is being inserted/removed at a time.

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Dobbhoff Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Stylet