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Donjoy Dura Soft Knee Sleeve Wrap

DJO 11-0912-02000

$ 50.00 $ 95.95

The Donjoy Dura-Soft Knee Sleeve is a elastic cold therapy wrap to provide you with uninterrupted cryotherapy support and compression to your injury or post-surgical site. The Dura-Soft's cold packs are easy to adjust in the sleeve or wrap and can be effortlessly stored in the freezer. This product, as well as the ice packs, will mold and conform to the shape of your knee, providing you with superior comfort and compression.


Dura Soft Knee Sleeve and Knee Wrap Features:

  • Intended for acute, chronic or post-surgical sites
  • Easily removable Dura Soft inserts
  • Malleable ice packs and elastic strap design
  • Available in a 12"x13" knee sleeve (with 2 or 4 inserts) or an 11"x12" knee wrap (with1 or 2 inserts)


Donjoy’s Knee Sleeve and Wrap provide continuous cold therapy to your knee, which can reduce pain and inflammation in the area. They are made to effectively help speed up the recovery process while reducing your level of discomfort along the way.

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