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Donjoy Lateral J Knee Brace

DJO 11-0660-1-06060

$ 66.00 $ 79.99

The Donjoy Lateral J Knee Brace is designed for kneecap stabilization. This brace offers comfort and stability to a variety of patellar ailments including subluxation, dislocations, and lateral patellofemoral malalignment. The unique design of the Lateral J provides both stability and comfort. It will help you protect your knee from dislocating and help to alleviate any joint pain you may have.



 Indications for Use:

  1. Chondromalacia
  2. Dislocating Kneecaps
  3. Lateral Patellofemoral Malalignment
  4. Lateral Patellar Subluxation



Key Features:

  1. 4mm Neoprene(Drytex available to patients with latex allergies)
  2. Left & Right Configuration
  3. Lateral- Medial Straps
  4. Additional Kneecap Stabilization



This knee brace is made with a comfortable 4 mm Neoprene material or there is a Drytex material available for patients with allergies or irritations associated with the latex in Neoprene. Available in either left and right configuration, any patient can wear this knee brace for additional kneecap stabilization. To help prevent your knee from dislocating and to alleviate joint pain, choose the Donjoy Lateral J Knee Brace.


Size Guide

(measurements taken 6” above mid-patella):

Extra Small 13”-15 ½”
Small 15 ½”-18 ½”
Medium 18 ½”-21”
Large 21”-23 ½”
X-Large 23 ½”-26 ½”
XX-Large 26 ½”-29 ½”










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