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Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting Alarm


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Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting Alarm is a urinary bed alarm that sounds when the monitor senses wetness. The Dri Sleeper is designed to wake the sleeping child in order to suppress the urge to urinate. Over time, this pattern trains the sleeping child to wake up and use the restroom preventing bed wetting altogether.



The alarm is made with a durable molded plastic that is surrounded with a protective rubber shell making it safe to have near your sleeping child.



Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting Alarm Features

  • Waterproof
  • Alerting sensor alarm
  • Velcro strap that can fasten to clothing
  • 26" long cord
  • Included instructions



Bed wetting can be frustrating and embarrassing for both parents and children. Finally there is a solution to the problem. The Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting Alarm is something that parents have been dreaming of for a long time.


The Dri Sleeper stops bed wetting quickly and works well with toddlers, older children, teenagers and even adults. An audible alarm sounds and prevents bed wetting problems from occurring so that everyone can have a good night's sleep!


Try the Dri Sleeper Bed Wetting Alarm in your home today.

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