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Evzio Naloxone Auto-Injector 0.4mg


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The Evzio Naloxone Auto-Injector 0.4mg is the only hand-held naloxone auto-injector approved by the FDA used to reverse opoid overdoses. EVZIO is approved to be the first and only naloxone auto-injector to be administered by family members and caregivers.

EVZIO is a home-use, hand-held, single-use naloxone auto-injector that may be used wherever an opioid overdose occurs. If you accidentally overdose on your opioid medication, a family member, friend, or other caregiver can administer EVZIO to temporarily reverse the effects of the overdose and help keep you breathing until emergency medical assistance is available.

EVZIO should be given right away and does not take the place of emergency medical care. Get emergency medical help right away after the first dose of EVZIO, even if the person wakes up

** Please note that this product takes 2 weeks to ship from manufacture, so please allow some time when ordering. Thank You

  • Easy to use with visual and talking instructions for guidance
  • Comes with a Trainer that you can use for practice
  • A retractable needle helps protect the user from accidental needle sticks

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