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Ezo Heavy Upper Denture Cushions


$ 3.39 $ 4.79

Ezo Upper Denture Cushions (denture pads) are perfect for those old dentures that don’t fit so well anymore. Over time their natural vacuum grip wears out and you have to buy a new pair, but with these cushions, you can save your pennies for a bit longer.


  • Custom fit
  • No unpleasant odor, taste, or mess
  • 12 per box


  • Vacuum tight grip
  • Makes dentures fit like new
  • Saves money over time

Ideal Uses: Old dentures and Upper dentures

Instructions for use: Rinse the EZO cushion a few seconds in warm water to soften it.  2. Hold dentures with teeth down and back part up.  Center EZO cushion on dentures and press into groove. 3. Place dentures in mouth and bite firmly.  Hold for about 2 minutes.

Manufacturer:  Medtech

NDC: 75137-0286-98

Don’t let old dentures bring you discomfort, order the Ezo Upper Denture Cushions today and start feeling comfortable again. Dial 1-888-687-4334 to speak with our friendly sales staff. 

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