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First Crush Gen 2 Automatic Electric Pill Crusher

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The First Crush Automatic Electric Pill Crusher is a rechargeable battery powered pill crusher that crushes and grinds multiple pills in a fine powder. Great for patients who have trouble swallowing medications in pill form, this electric pill crusher can crush pills up to 300 times on one charge, and features an auto off function, indicator lights, and works quickly and efficiently.


    • Effortless pill crushing
    • Dual crush and grind system
    • Fully automatic
    • Quick operation
    • 300 crushes per battery charge
    • Auto off function
    • Power indicator LED light
    • Low battery indicator
    • AC power supply
    • Takes NiMH "AA" batteries
    • Cups available separately

    Brand:  First Crush
    Item Number:  FW2B-1

    FW2B-2 - Gen2 CompleteRX Cups (per 1,000 cups)  Box of 1,000 total (4 sleeves of 250 cups each) 

    FW09-2 - FOR GEN 2 ONLY. Hard-plastic inner piece in which the CompleteRx cups are held in place


    The First Crush pill crusher will grind your pills for you, quickly and easily, in just a few simple steps. While other systems attempt to smash the pill into pieces, this particular pill crusher actually grinds them into a fine powder. With a simple push of a button, you will have finely ground pills for easy administration into patient feeding tubes or for smoother swallowing.

     To purchase the First Crush Automatic Electric Pill Crusher for a great price simply place your order directly through our website. You can also place your order by calling 1-888-687-4334 and speaking with one of our helpful Medical Supply Professionals.

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