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Flexigel Hydrogel Sheet Dressings 4 x 4


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Smith and Nephew Flexigel Hydrogel Sheet Dressings is a pre-moistened dressing that creates and maintains a moist wound healing environment that has been established as the optimal environment for the management of the wound. Flexigel Hydrogel provides physical separation between the wound and external environments to assist in preventing bacterial contamination of the wound. Flexigel is made with a polyacrylaride matrix with embedded hydrophilic polysaccharide particles that is moisture vapor permeable that absorbs up to five times its own weight and creates a cooling, soothing effect on superficial wounds and is transparent for easy monitoring.


Flexigel Hydrogel Dressings are used for exudate absorption and the management of partial to full thickness wounds like ulcers (venous, arterial, diabetic) pressure sores, donor sites, surgical incisions, and surgical excisions, as well as first and second degree burns.


Note: Flexigel Hydrogel Dressings should not be used on third degree burns.



How to prep the wound site before applying Flexigel: 

Cleanse the wound with normal saline or wound cleanser. Apply Flexigel Sheet Dressing (cut to fit wound, if necessary). Apply a secondary dressing like rolled gauze or Opsite Film dressing. If you use a film dressing like Opsite, this will decrease evaporation which will hold more moisture over the wound bed. A gauze roll dressing allows for evaporation over wounds that are very moist.


How often should I change Flexigel Hydrogel Dressings?

Flexigel should be changed every 3 to 5 days based on the amount of wound drainage.

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