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Bard Foley Catheter Insertion Tray with Urine Drainage Bag

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Bard Medical Bardia Catheter Insertion Tray is a sterile, single use add-a-foley catheter tray. Complete with a 2000 cc urine drainage bag, waterproof underpad, fenestrated drapes, 3 providone iodine swabsticks, 5 gram lubricating jelly packet, (2) latex-free exam gloves, urine specimen container with a label for testing, and a 5 cc catheter pre-filled inflation syringe. Catheters sold seperate.


Foley Catheter Tray Features:

  • Complete kit
  • Convenience
  • CSR wrap covered tray
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Sold by:  Each

Cath Insertion Kit Includes:

  • 2000mL graduated catheter-entry drainage bag
  • Waterproof underpad
  • Fenestrated drapes
  • 3 povidone iodine swabsticks
  • 5g lubricating jelly
  • 2 latex-free exam gloves
  • Specimen container with label
  • Prefilled inflation syringe for 5cc catheters


Manufacture: Bard Medical

Product Number: 802015


Why should I buy a catheter kit with a urine bag?

Having catheter insertion kits in your facility at your disposal is a great resource. You can find the right equipment quickly and easily and ensure that the your catheterized patient is getting the quality care they need no matter what. A kit with a Bard Medical urine drainage bag in it is even better:  the collection bag is at your fingertips, it is graduated for clear measurement of urine output, and you can worry more about your patient rather than searching for supplies. Provide your patient with as simple and efficient a catheter insertion as possible with Bard Medical Foley Catheter Kits.

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