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Gold Dust Hydrophilic Polymer Powder 3 Gram Packets, 10 PK

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Gold Dust Powder is a sterile, highly absorbent hydrophillic polymer that is capable of absorbing 100 times its own weight and retaining the exudate in the matrix, even under high pressure. Gold Dust protects the wound and the surrounding periwound area from maceration and degradation. Once the powder absorbs the fluid the powder turns into a gel form for easy removel. Individually packaged in 3 gram packets. 10 packets per box.

For advanced wound care in highly exudating wounds, try Gold Dust Hydrophilic Polymer Powder. Gold Dust reacts with wound liquid forming a gel that traps in moisture and bacteria protecting the wound tissue, and keeping it dryer in order to promote healing.This absorbent powder has many benefits:  it protects wound tissue, reduces wound bioburden, reduces wound tissue irritatio, and promotes healing. All of these qualities, in turn, reduces the cost and time spent on overly frequent dressing changes and help your patient to heal faster and more effectively, even under compression.



For use in wound care where the absorption of large amounts of exudate is needed


How does Gold Dust work?

  •  The wound liquid and subsequent bacteria is securely trapped within the polymer matrix gel that forms upon contact with exudate.
  • The liquid can only be removed by evaporative drying or solvent extraction techniques.



  •  Reduces cost/time spent on dressing changes
  • Protects wound tissue
  • Reduces wound bioburden
  • Reduces wound tissue irritation and promotes healing


Gold Dust Powder Features:

  • Absorbs large amounts of exudate
  • Hydrophilic polymer (powder)
  • Absorbs 100 times it's own water weight
  • Sterile
  • 3 gm packets, 10/Box
  • Sold by:  the Box


Brand:  Southwest Technologies

Manufacturer Product Number: DR9300


Directions for Use:

Heavily exudating wounds

  1. Clean the wound as necessary.
  2. Sprinkle a layer of Gold Dust™ to generously cover the wound area.  Note: Product will absorb 100 times its own water weight.  Therefore, it may not be necessary to use the entire contents of the package.
  3. Once the product interacts with the wound exudates, the powder will turn into a gel.
  4. Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing and secure with tape or elastic bandage.
  5. Change the dressings daily or when saturated with exudate. Gold Dust™ may be flushed using saline or irrigation system.

Moderately exudating wounds

  1. Clean the wound as necessary.
  2. Mix packet contents (3 gr) into 30 cc of water, mix rapidly.
  3. Fill the wound cavity with the “gel” from step 2.
  4. Cover the wound with a non-adherent dressing and secure with tape or elastic bandage.



  • Not recommended for non-draining or lightly exudating wounds.
  • Wounds must be monitored for over-drying tissue
  • Consult a physician if signs of infection occur: fever, swelling, pain, etc.


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