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Hartman Dignity Reusable Bed Pads, 12/Case


$ 139.99 $ 165.99

Hartman Dignity Reusable Bed Pads are designed to provide you with soft, moisture protection during times of overnight incontinence. Made with a super-absorbent core and moisture-proof barrier, this washable underpad will keep your bedding dry at night.

Reusable Underpad Features:

  • Multi-layer moisture protection
  • Soft, quilted bed pad protector
  • Brushed polyester material
  • Absorbent core and moisture-proof barrier 
  • Washable
  • 22” x 34” Size
  • Sold by:  case of 12

What can I do for my incontinence issue?

There are many available products on the market today that can help with incontinence issues. They range from discreet pant liners to larger quilted bedding pads for overnight protection. There are treatments available to help with this problem (medication, electrical stimulation, exercising the pelvic muscles, etc), but absorbent products are the most common and can get costly. Consider using reusable or washable incontinence liners and padding. They can not only help you stay dry during the unexpected accident, but also keep your bed, furniture and even car dryand protected, as well.


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