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Hazmat Emergency Response Portable Decontamination Shower

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Hazmat Emergency Response Portable Decontamination Shower used to rinse hazardous chemicals and materials from hazmat suits and protection gear. New style portable eye wash is made of non-toxic polyethylene.

Delivery time: 10 to 14 days

Technical Data:

  • Material: SS304
  • Size: 47.5" W x  47.5" D  x 86.5" H
  • Water supply and waste: 1 1/4"
  • Working pressure: 0.8 - 1.5 MPA
  • Flow control: 180 L/Min
  • Power: 220V or 120V
  • Pump rate: 1.1KW

Training: Simply installing emergency equipment is not sufficient means of ensuring worker safety. It is also very important that employees are trained in the location and proper use of emergency equipment. Research has shown that after an incident has occurred, rinsing eyes within the first ten seconds is essential. Therefore, employees must know the location of the emergency equipment and be aware that quick and effective rinsing is important in an emergency.

  • Use the pull rod to start the liquid flow.
  • The injured should stand in the water flow once it has started.
  • Ensure  affected areas are in the water flow
  • Do not rinse by hand, to avid further injury

Note: If chemicals which react dangerously with water are present, an alternative harmless liquid will be provided. Special eye drops should be used.

Maintenance: There should be professional staff to take charge of the emergency equipment and do as follows:

  • Regularly check the valve, pipes, eyewash nozzle and bowl
  • Check the obstructions around the equipment once a week if the equipment is not used for a long time in order to avoid harming the eyes again.
  • In winter, the emergency equipment must be protected from freezing. Avoid sudden changes in the equipment's environment to prevent damage and possible malfunction. Around the emergency equipment there should be adequate lighting so that people can find the equipment in the dark. If necessary, the equipment should be equipped with a warning device, so that other employees can help in an emergency.

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