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Hemostatic Bloodstopping Gauze Sponge Bandage Dressing 4 x 4


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Hemostatic gauze dressing is a sterile emergency clotting sponge dressing designed to stop bleeding, immediately after an injury and control external surface bleeding. Ideal for military, emergency responders, EMS, law enforcement police agencies, and trauma care units. (compares to ActCel) 

Slow the Flow!

When blood vessels are damaged, the small muscles in the walls of the vessels contract (vasoconstriction), reducing the flow of blood to the injury and minimizing blood loss. Vasoconstriction can last as long as 30 minutes. Next, blood leaking from the inflamed, dilated or broken vessels begins to coagulate. Collagen fibers in the wall of the damaged blood vessels activate the platelets in the blood that's in the wound. Aided by the action of prostaglandins, the platelets enlarge and stick together to form a temporary plug in the blood vessel, which helps prevent further bleeding. The platelets also release additional vasoconstrictors, such as serotonin, which help to prevent further blood loss. Thrombin forms in a cascade of events stimulated by the platelets, and a clot forms to close the small vessels and stop bleeding.

This initial phase of wound healing occurs almost immediately after the injury occurs and works within minutes in small wounds. Hemostasis is less effective at stopping the bleeding when larger vessels are involved.

  • Control high-pressure bleeding
  • Temporarily controls external surface bleeding
  • For external use only
  • Sterile
  • 3 sizes available (2x2, 2x4, and 4x4)


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