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Hernia After Surgery Support Belt


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Discreetly worn underneath normal everyday clothing, the Soft Form Hernia Belt by FLA Orthopedics is specially designed for treating single or double reducible inguinal hernias. This support belt is designed to provide a superior level of comfort and support. It’s made using only soft and plush lightweight materials to help reduce the chances of skin irritating friction and has uniquely designed soft and flexible foam cushions that provide gentle pressure to help reverse hernias by pushing them back. Plus, this hernia belt also has an adjustable elastic waistband and adjustable perineal straps to help create a more customizable fit with enhanced levels of comfort for each user.


  1. -  Discreetly worn underneath normal everyday clothing (hides well)
  2. -  Helps correct reducible hernias and provide comfortable pain relief
  3. -  This one support brace can be used whether you have one or two hernias
  4. -  Users can quickly and easily adjust how tight or how loose the belt fits them
  5. -  Designed with an easy-to-use hook and loop closure system that is much more comfortable than products that use metal snaps or buckles
  6. -  Made using soft and lightweight materials to reduce and help prevent skin irritations
  7. -  Adjustable waistband enables users to create a more customized fit that feels comfortable to them
  8. -  Soft and comfortable perineal leg straps are made using soft elastic to reduce friction and help prevent skin abrasions
  9. -  Innovatively designed with 2 flexible foam cushions (which can be removed if needed)

Ideal Uses:

  1. -  For relief from reducible inguinal hernias
  2. -  Helping reduce pain and inflammation
  3. -  To provide soft and comfortable, gradual pressure/compression to the hernia(s)
  4. -  Supporting weakened muscles
  5. -  Delaying and helping avoid the need for hernia surgery

Sizing Chart:

Product #




Small (SM)

30 - 35"


Medium (MD)

35 - 41"


Large (LG)

41 - 46"

**Please note: Sizes should be measured around the hips in order to create the most comfortable fit. If your measurements border 2 sizes, go with the larger size.

Manufacturer: BSN FLA Orthopedics

Using the Soft Form Hernia Belt can help reverse reducible inguinal hernias without the need for a surgical procedure. It has uniquely shaped flexible foam cushions that provide gentle pressure and compression to help push the hernia(s) back into place. Receive the best pricing available for the Soft Form Hernia Belt from FLA Orthopedics by placing an order through our website or via one of our friendly customer service representatives that are awaiting your call at 1-888-687-4334.

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